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Frequently asked questions - Santa Marta

Is Santa Marta dangerous?

Not if you not giving an opportunity to be taken advantage of, or a Colombian term 'give papaya', that is for example avoiding walking alone at night, drunk, with expensive belongings (phone, camera, necklace around a neck), in dark empty streets, etc.

Is Taganga dangerous?

The same applies to Taganga. Every town has its grey areas that should be avoided, but as long as a person stays in daylight in known busy spots there is nothing to worry about. At night around 11 pm when the bars start to close down and the streets start to empty out, it's time to go home.

How much is a taxi from the Simón Bolívar International Airport to the Santa Marta historic center?

Around 25.000 - 30,000 COP

How much is a taxi from the Santa Marta historic center to Taganga?

Around 15.000 COP

How much is a taxi from Taganga to the Simón Bolívar International Airport?

Around 55.000 COP

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